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The Becoming of Single Use: The Institutionalization of Disposables during the Twentieth Century in Sweden
Johansson, Nils Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 6
Limits of the Landscape: A Waste Incinerator for Zurich’s Countryside
Schweizer, Jan Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 5
Boiling Memories: Thermal Waters as Nexus of Trauma and Community Agency in Draginovo’s Mnemonic Waterscape
Strahilov, Ivo Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 4
Ecopolitical Space in a Riverine Landscape of South Asia
Singh, Vipul Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 3
Dreams of Optimizing the Ocean: The 1970 Deepsea Ventures Mining Test and Artificial Upwelling
Carboex, Yoram Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 2
One Century of Reindeer on South Georgia: From Introduction to Eradication
Heidbrink, Ingo K. Arcadia, Spring 2024, no. 1
“Is This a Society of Humans or of Dogs?”: The Issue of Roaming Dogs in Nineteenth-Century Athens
Botetzagias, Iosif Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 24
“Too Much Loose Sand”: Narrating Coastal Erosion in Southeast Ireland
Connolly, Claire, McDaid, Ailbhe, Smith, James L. Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 23
Historic Lake Level Variability and Current Disasters on the Shores of Lake Tanganyika
Gooding, Philip Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 22
Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad: Animals Return to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
Jacobs, Robert Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 21
A More-than-Human Viewpoint on the History of a “Peruvian” Disease
Mogrovejo, José Ignacio Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 20
Axes on the Ground: Wolves and Women on the North American Frontier
Abbott, Caroline Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 19
Constructing Postconflict Memoryscapes: From Narratives of Division to Coexistence
Lappe-Osthege, Teresa, Diković, Jovana Arcadia, Autumn 2023, no. 18
Hydroelectric Power and the Ashio Copper Mine
Morris, James Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 17
Different Ways of Thinking Globally: The Unlikely Return of the Noosphere in Russian Environmental Discourses
Myznikova, Victoria Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 16
Drimys winteri: Circulation of Environmental Ignorance in European Written Sources (1578–1776)
Sartori, Matteo, Prakofjewa, Julia Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 15
Development and Degradation in the Lakes of Lapsista and Ioannina from the 1950s to the Present
Perrakis Kollias, Petros Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 14
Stevia as a Genetic Resource: Intellectual Property and Guaraní Strategies for Access-and-Benefit Sharing in Paraguay and Brazil
Relly, Eduardo Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 13
Capital Seeds and Hybrid Landscapes: Between Varied Landraces and Monotonous Technological Objects
Gomes, Inês Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 12
The Backyard Chook: Australia’s Enduring Nest Egg
Gressier, Catie Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 11
Cosmopolitics in the Territories of Xnizaa: The Defense of Water in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico
Ulloa Calzada, Oscar Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 10
Visions of a Nuclear Apocalypse: Notions of Nature in the 1970s Antinuclear Movement
Gulliver, Robyn Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 9
Boar-der Fencing: Human-Animal Conflicts in the Danish Borderlands
Eilenberg, Michael, Pohl Harrisson , Annika Arcadia, Summer 2023, no. 8
The Colonial Roots of the Kangaroo Controversy
Chao, Sophie Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 7
The Struggle for Air: Mining, Dust, and Death on the South African Rand
Money , Duncan Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 6
What Is a Fungus? Mycology’s Dada Moment
Smith, Nathan Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 5
River Rights at Rockhampton (a Rhetoric)
Hewson, Michael Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 4
The Equestrian Suburb of Latine Los Angeles
Amador, Fernando Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 3
Sight and Sound: Beyond the Huia Extinction Story
Warren, Julianne L. , Roche, Michael Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 2
Housing for a Changing Climate: The Commonwealth Environmental Building Station in 1950s Australia
Goldlust, Rachel Arcadia, Spring 2023, no. 1
“his & nature’s expropriation”: Wetland Enclosure, Salvage Poetics, and Social Reproduction in Wendy Mulford’s East Anglia Sequence
Carter, Fred Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 18
Poles of Exploration and Exploitation: Olaudah Equiano in the Arctic
Jacob, Henry Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 17
Philippe-Sirice Bridel, the Natural Landscape, and the Swiss National Sentiment
de Félice, Nicolas Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 16
From Wilderness to Breeding Farms: The Domestication of the Chinchilla lanigera
Vergara, Ángela Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 15
The Mighty Streams: Coping with Rivers in the Ancient World
Vuković, Krešimir Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 14
Climate Change and Pastoral Nomads: Feedback Loops in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Batmunkh, Munkhbileg Arcadia, Autumn 2022, no. 13
What Does It Mean to Study Environments in Ukraine Now?
Tsymbalyuk, Darya Arcadia, Summer 2022, no. 12
Hostage to Nuclear Power Plants: Weekly Funeral Procession Protest at the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants, Gyeongju, South Korea
Noh, Minjung, Kim, Shinyoung Arcadia, Summer 2022, no. 11
Golden Grains: Environmental Implications of Mennonite Migration to Kansas in the Late Nineteenth Century
Hill, Katherine Arcadia, Summer 2022, no. 10
Making Rain under the Mallas
Sinclair, Iain Arcadia, Summer 2022, no. 9
Threats to the Hadzabe and Why We Should Care
Jones, Seth Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 8
Multispecies Walden Woods: Reevaluating Thoreau’s Religion
Balthrop-Lewis, Alda Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 7
Early Struggles to Maintain Captive Dolphins at the New York Public Aquarium
Muka, Samantha Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 6
Cryptids and Disasters: Serpents and a Werewolf in the Western Indian Ocean Region
Walz, Jonathan R. , Walshe, Rory A. Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 5
Good Foods and Bad Foods: The 1862 Measles Epidemic and Diet in Edo
Morris, James Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 4
Of Ghost Nets and the Haunting at Nissum Bredning
Lundsteen, Sebastian Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 3
A Blue-Green Oasis in the Heart of the Kazakh Steppe: The Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve
Moon, David Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 2
In Praise of Weeds: Sympoiesis at St. James’s Piccadilly
Rigby, Kate Arcadia, Spring 2022, no. 1
Touching Power: White Womanhood, Colonial Spectacle, and the “Forces of Nature” at the Boulder Power Inaugural
Kanouse, Sarah Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 34
The Day of the Waterfall: Tourism, Identity, and Gender at the Trollhättan Hydropower Plant
Zimmer, Fabian Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 33
Environmental Dimensions of the RMS Leinster Sinking
Connolly, Claire, Singer, Rita, Smith, James L. Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 32
The Great Guano Rush of 2007–2008: “Filth,” Bats, and Food Sovereignty on Northern Pemba Island, Tanzania
Walz, Jonathan R. Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 31
Logistical Ecologies: A Singapore Story
Mauch, Felix Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 30
Metamorphosis of a Waterway: The City of Nijmegen Embraces the River Waal
Rădulescu, Maria Alina, Leendertse, Wim, Arts, Jos Arcadia, Autumn 2021, no. 29
Disconnectivity in the Age of Globalization: Coastal Ecology, Telegraphy, and Empire in the Sunda Strait, 1863–1883
Toivanen, Mikko Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 28
The Tragedy of the Paradise Parrot
McGregor, Russell Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 27
From “Commonwealth of Powder-makers” to Haven for Protected Species: The Chilworth Gunpowder Works
Tendler, Ben Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 26
Rise and Fall of the Baltic Sea Flatfish Fishery in the Interwar Period
Röhrbein, Markus Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 25
Subterranean (In)visibilities: Traces, Underground Water, and Thermal Flows in the El Tatio Geyser Field, Atacama, Chile
Fonck, Martín Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 24
From Rains to Floods: A Case of Chennai in 2015
Vencatesan, Anjana Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 23
Missionizing and Transforming the Land: Alexander Merensky in Botshabelo
Wendt, Helge Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 22
A Crab’s-Eye View of the Food Chain in Contemporary China
Halsey, Stephen R. Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 21
Development or Dunes? The Long Struggle to Protect Perth’s Scarborough Beach Coastal Reserve
Gulliver, Robyn Arcadia, Summer 2021, no. 20
Ban the Burn: The Trans-Local Campaign against Ocean Incineration, 1983–1988
Fazzi, Dario Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 19
Sea Where there Once was Land: Redcar, England
Richer, Suzi Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 18
Revealing the “Almerian Miracle”: Materiality of the Agrarian Modernization in the Campo de Dalías
Jünger, Andreas Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 17
Tyson Kills the Mulberry Fork
Reich, Nicholas Tyler Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 16
The Brazilian Campos in Nineteenth-Century Landscape Art
Bailão, André S. Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 15
“The battle of geological experts”: Water Flow and Tunneling within a Welsh Mountain
Nuttall, Mark Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 14
Unwelcome but Dear: Poplar Trees in Northern Kazakhstan’s Post-Soviet Cityscapes
Baimukhamedova, Zhanna Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 13
Locust Infestations and Marginalized Communities in Colonial Western India in the Nineteenth Century
Das, Pallavi, Giri, Vineet K. Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 12
The Enemy is Nature: Military Machines and Technological Bricolage in Britain’s “Great Agricultural Experiment”
Mahony, Martin Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 11
Becoming a Virgin Forest: From Remote Sensing to Erasing Environmental History
Iordăchescu, George Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 10
Sandpipers and the Art of Letting Go: Narratives of Conservation in the Wadden Sea
de Smalen, Eveline Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 9
Humans and Other Pollinators in the Oil Palm Plantation Complex
Robins, Jonathan Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 8
Memories from the Disaster in 2004 of the Ship Vicuña
Onório Figueira, Priscila Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 7
Mining and Environmental Destruction in Minas Gerais: A Historical Comparison
Capanema, Carolina Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 6
Rat Tech: Transforming Rodents into Technology in Tanzania
Lee, Jia Hui Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 5
“A healthy mountainous island surrounded by a sea of malaria”: Ecology and War in the Caucasus
Coudreau, Marin Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 4
Was Capitalism the Crisis? Mount Lebanon’s World War I Famine
Pitts, Graham Auman Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 3
Plastic Milk Bags and the Abandonment of a Hungarian Wood Pasture
Samu, Zoltán Tamás, Bódis, Judit, Varga, Anna Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 2
Cleansing the Sacred Habitat in the Time of Coronavirus: Buddhist Sang Rituals in Sikkim in Response to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic
Bhutia, Kalzang Dorjee Arcadia, Spring 2021, no. 1
The Typhoid Epidemic in Philippopolis, 1878
Usta, İbrahim Can Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 46
Water, Firewood, and Disease in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul
Sert, Özlem Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 45
Italy’s Poison Ships: How an International Trade of Hazardous Waste Sparked a Grassroots Struggle for Environmental Justice
De Majo, Claudio Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 44
The Natural Ice Factory at Røsneshamn, Norway: How to Compete with Big-Tech by Using Nature
Heidbrink, Ingo K. Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 43
Views from Above: Light Airplanes and Wildlife Research and Management in the Serengeti during the 1950s and 1960s
Schleper, Simone Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 42
The Remarkable Ray of Dublin’s Ringsend
Scherer, Cordula Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 41
Stars, Mules, and Interferometers in Early Transnational Astronomy in 1960s Chile
Silva, Barbara K. Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 40
The Distant Roots of Beijing’s Palaces
Miller, Ian M. Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 39
Science in the Time of the Plague: Jakob Gråberg and the Moroccan Plague Epidemic of 1818–20
Kaukonen, Emil Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 38
La Muxatena: A Sacred Rock Formation at the Heart of an Indigenous Social Movement for Environmental Rights
Orndorff, Sam Arcadia, Autumn 2020, no. 37
Xunáan Kab Rhythms: Native Bees and Ecological Change in Yucatan, Mexico
Morris, Olea Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 36
The Empire, the Naturalist, and the Countryside: Biological Science in Colonial Hong Kong
Chu, Leo Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 35
Flood Levels and Borderlines: Livestock Farming and Evictions Resistance at the !Garib/Orange River in Southern Africa
Lenggenhager, Luregn, Rosengarten, Andrea Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 34
Hydroelectric Power and Anishinaabe Diets: What Oral Testimony Suggests About Managing Food (In)Security on Reserve
Mehltretter, Samantha, Luby, Brittany, Bradford, Andrea Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 33
Voices of the Peace
Fajt, Elisabeth Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 32
The Trees of Tavrichesky Garden: Forgotten Actors in the Politics of Cultural Landscape
Purcell, Lewis Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 31
Plague, Paleogenetics, and the Boundaries of the Discipline of History
Mordechai, Lee, Eisenberg, Merle Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 30
A Complicated Relationship: The Transhumant Pastoralists of Macedonia and the Greek State, 1913–1936
Vlachos, George L. Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 29
From Nature to Infrastructure: Vallisaari Island in the Helsinki Archipelago
Bhowmik, Samir Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 28
The Consequences of “Flying Sands” in the Cávado River Mouth (1700–1750)
Lopes, Ana Isabel Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 27
Kernkraftwerk Gösgen: In the Towering Presence of Nuclear Power
Siegrist, Hannah, Siegrist, Nathan Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 26
Problematic Postage: Canada’s Claim to the Arctic through a Postage Stamp
Dumas, Daniel Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 25
Godzilla as the Bridge: The Destruction of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukushima
Schneiderwind, John Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 24
How a Fishway from Norway Reached the Weser River in Germany (1905–1912)
Zumbrägel, Christian Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 23
Bonbibi: A Religion of the Forest in the Sundarbans
Sen, Amrita, Mukherjee, Jenia Arcadia, Summer 2020, no. 22
Civilizing Nature with the Spade and the Rifle: The Engineer Battalion in the Araucanía Region, Chile (1877–1891)
González Marilicán, Matías Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 21
The Origins of Ecocide: Revisiting the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Vietnam War
McElwee, Pamela Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 20
Venomous Company: Snakes and Agribusiness in Honduras
Balloffet, Lily Pearl Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 19
“What a Change When the Tide had Ebbed!”: Rivers, Empire, and a Scottish Transport Company in Colonial Malawi
Wilkie, Benjamin Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 18
New York Harbor and the Vicious Circle of the Winter of 1917–1918
Fitzgerald, Gerard Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 17
The Polluted Past of the Whaling Town Hachinohe
Holm, Fynn Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 16
The Search for George DeBaptiste’s House: The Crooked Creek Flood of 1846
Baas, Christopher, Rubino, Darrin L. Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 15
The 1096 Eichō Earthquake and Tsunami
Buhrman, Kristina Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 14
Histories of Central Himalayan Herbs: Vanaspati Karyalaya in Tehri Princely State c. 1879–1950
Nath, Nivedita Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 13
Recollecting the “prodotti vegetali” of the Natural History Museum, University of Florence
Svensson, Anna Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 12
Virtuous Bees: How Beekeeping Helps Protect Primary Forests in the Russian Far East
Feditchkina Tracy, Elena Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 11
The Aura River Ice Jam in Turku, March 1903
Norrgård, Stefan Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 10
Imagining a New Eden in the Nuclear West
Fite, Chris Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 9
The War Against the Goats in Interwar Greece
Kostopoulos, Giorgos Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 8
The Hub’s Archipelago: The Connected Histories of Boston and Its Harbor Islands
Šimková, Pavla Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 7
Rya Forest Nature Reserve: A Case of Preservation, Conflicts, and Unwanted Rewilding
Billing, Björn Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 6
The Competing Influences of Deluge and Drought in Queensland’s Dry Tropics
White, Patrick Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 5
Remembering the Night of Noah: Flood Memory and Townsville's Floods of 1998 and 2019
Lloyd, Rohan Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 4
The Day the Falls Stopped Flowing: Devastation and Resilience in Tropical Queensland
Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 3
Water Flows and Topographic Networks of Power: Social Struggles for Water in the Copiapó Valley in the Eighteenth Century
Astudillo Pizarro, Francisco Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 2
The Beavercene: Eradication and Settler-Colonialism in Tierra del Fuego
Dicenta, Mara Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 1
Seed Oysters in Entangled Worlds: Ecological Disturbances, Knowledge Making, and Potentialities in Miyagi, Japan
Yoshida, Mariko Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 47
The Maijuna: Fighting for Survival in the Peruvian Amazon
Trautmann, Nancy, Gilmore, Michael Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 46
A Killer Air: Delineating Disaster in Mexico City
Miljkovic, Ela Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 45
Facing Changes, Changing Targets: Sperm-Whale Hunting in Late Eighteenth-Century Brazil
Vieira, Nina, Hayes, Patrick, Matthews, Al Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 44
Dividing a City: The Flooding of the Saint Petersburg Metro (1995–2004)
Schroeder, Phillip Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 43
Mateship with Birds: An Australian Plea for Conservation
McGregor, Russell Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 42
The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Novaya Zemlya
Luciano, Eugenio Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 41
“The Tornado Was Not the A-Bomb’s Child”: The Politics of Extreme Weather in the Age of Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing
McBrien, Justin Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 40
“Yanqui Cotton Patch”: US Development Aid and Pesticide Use in Nicaragua
Francis, Hilary Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 39
Cosmology of the Ergene River Pollution
Dedeoğlu, Çağdaş Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 38
The 1795 Disaster: Casualties of the Spiritual Waterscape of Lough Derg, County Donegal
Smith, James L. Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 37
Layers of Meaning and Layers of Time in a Former Russian Peat Mining Region
Bruisch, Katja Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 36
Resistance in the Midst of the Anthropocene: The Rise and Fall of Artificial Earthquakes at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, 1962–1966
Whitney, Justin Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 35
Coexisting with Nature: The Huts of the Camargue Wetlands
Dunlop, Catherine T. Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 34
Botanizing in the Borderlands
Thurner, Lance C. Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 33
Anaconda’s Pipelines: Water Supply Problems of a Desert Region
Carrasco, Anita Arcadia, Autumn 2019, no. 32
An Environmental History of Tobacco Pests and Diseases in Southern Rhodesia, 1893–1940.
Doro, Elijah Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 31
Living in the Time of a Subsurface Revolution: The 1783 Calabrian Earthquake Sequence
Kleemann, Katrin Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 30
Electronic Waste in Guiyu: A City under Change?
Mujezinovic, Davor Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 29
Unifying the Yangzi Watershed in Early Twentieth-Century China
Gao, Yan Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 28
How a Catastrophic Flood of the Gürbe River Triggered the Rethinking of Local Flood Protection
Salvisberg, Melanie Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 27
Small Farmers, Their Association, and the Transformation of the Australian Sugar Industry
Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 26
Managing Tourism and Environmental Protection in Lake Ohrid in the 1970s and 1980s
Djordjevski, Josef M. Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 25
Engaging Religion in the Fight for Environmental Justice: Jesuits and Conservation in the Palni Hills of South India
Vedanayagam, Joseph Satish Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 24
The Invention of Voacanga africana as a Ceremonial Psychedelic
Vilgiate, Timothy Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 23
A Story of Two Parks: Historical Roots of Environmentalism under Authoritarian Regimes in Twenty-First Century Europe
İnal, Onur, Pál, Viktor Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 22
Biodiversity Offsetting and the Contradictions of the Capitalist Production of Nature
Apostolopoulou, Elia Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 21
The Water Shops of Republican Tianjin
Cao, Mu Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 20
Defending the Shoreline: From Cannon to Beach Nourishment in Gulf Islands National Seashore
Casey, Alanna Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 19
The Founding of the Danish Environmental Movement NOAH
Hougaard, Asger Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 18
Canine Menace: Feral Dogs, Bison, and Rewilding in the Carpathian Mountains
Vasile, Monica, Voicu, Stefan Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 17
How the Arctic Became White: Victorian Explorers and the Erasure of Botany in the Canadian Arctic
Gismondi, Chris Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 16
The Manifold Borders of a Locust Outbreak
Gomes, Inês, Queiroz, Ana Isabel Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 15
What Living in Space Teaches Us about Living on Earth
Munns, David Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 14
Memory and the Origins of the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur in Buenos Aires
Hoyt, Jennifer Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 13
Environmental Sustainability and Technological Change: The Slurry-Tanks Conflict in Galician Agriculture (1999–2019)
Esperante Paramos, Bruno Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 12
The 1971 Prague Conference on Problems Related to Environment—A Forgotten Contribution to International Environmentalism
Borowy, Iris Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 11
Environmental Writing in Times of Terrorism: The Peruvian Journalist Bárbara D’Achille
Fixemer, Maria Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 10
Searching for Stability: Energy, Entropy, and the Abandoning of the Panatomic Canal
Coulombe, Jordan Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 9
Mountain, Militarized: North Korea, Nuclear Tests, and Nature
Brady, Lisa Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 8
Methodological Benefits of a GIS Map: The Example of the Eldgjá Eruption of the Late 930s CE and the Reliability of Historical Documents
Ebert, Stephan Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 7
Ancestral Outdoorsmen and Historical Hikes
Jordan, Benjamin Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 6
Mumbai’s Doongerwadi Forest: Revisiting the Death of Nature in the Future City
Rademacher, Anne Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 5
Tropical Australia's Crocodile Entrepreneurs
Brennan, Claire Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 4
American Champion Trees and the Wye Oak of Maryland
Farmer, Jared Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 3
The Lake That Became a Bus Terminus
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 2
Living on Coral Time: Debating Conservation in the Anthropocene
Braverman, Irus Arcadia, Spring 2019, no. 1
Lahar Meets Locomotive: New Zealand’s Tangiwai Railway Disaster of Christmas Eve 1953
Brett, André Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 31
The Community Food Movement in the United Kingdom: 1960s to Present
Price, Catherine Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 30
Tuberculosis in Echuca, and the Therapeutic Migration to Southeastern Australia (1889–1908)
Le Get, Rebecca Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 29
The Niagara Telecolorimeter
Macfarlane, Daniel Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 28
Breeding for the Future: Corn and Climate Change
Liepold, Annka Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 27
Fishing for Souls: Water Technology and the Dutch Baroque
FitzGerald, Lisa Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 26
The Qianlong Emperor Hunting Hare: From the Qing Esthetics of Nature to an End of European Exceptionalism
Forêt, Philippe Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 25
J. M. Rugendas’ Contribution to an Iconography of the Animal Condition in Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Society
Camphora, Ana Lucia Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 24
The Lake That Became a Sports Stadium
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 23
Blood in the Water: A Digital History Project on the Geography of Pontiac’s War, 1763
Clark, Brandon Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 22
Beauties and Beasts: Whales in Portugal, from Early-Modern Monsters to Today’s Flagship Species
Brito, Cristina Arcadia, Autumn 2018, no. 21
The Melting “Crown of the Continent”: Visual History of Glacier National Park
Gorczyca, Dori, Monani, Salma, Principato, Sarah Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 20
Peyote Veneration in Challenging Times: Issues of Land and Access in South Texas
Hinojosa, Servando Z. Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 19
Connection to Nature: The Experience of the Right of Public Access
Beery, Thomas Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 18
Landscape of Insecurity: The Intricacies of Environmental Changes in Nigeria’s Oil-Rich Niger Delta Region
Babatunde, Abosede Obowumi Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 17
Internationalism in the Heart of Africa? The Albert National Park / Virunga National Park
De Bont, Raf Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 16
Dike 14, Cleveland, Ohio: Containing Pollution in the Age of Ecology
Stradling, David Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 15
The Galápagos Islands: A Natural Laboratory?
Hennessy, Elizabeth Arcadia, Summer 2018, no. 14
The Lost Lakes of Bangalore
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 13
Plant Politics in Karachi
Ginn, Franklin Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 12
John Anthony Allan’s “Virtual Water”: Natural Resources Management in the Wake of Neoliberalism
Stack Whitney, Kaitlin, Whitney, Kristoffer Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 11
Making the “European Yellowstone”—Unintended Consequences or Unrealistic Intentions?
Iordăchescu, George Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 10
Resistance and Rewilding: The Return of Beavers to Knapdale Forest
Portus, Rosamund Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 9
The Neste War 1970–1972: The First Victory of the Budding Finnish Environmental Movement
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Foundation of the Oekonomische Gesellschaft Bern
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