Die Hamburger Sturmflut von 1962: Risikobewusstsein und Katastrophenschutz aus zeit-, technik- und umweltgeschichtlicher Perspektive

Die Hamburger Sturmflut von 1962 is an in-depth historical study of the 1962 storm flood that devastated Hamburg and Germany. It compares the flood to others in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while reflecting on the sociocultural and technological contexts of the time.

Lake Delton Dam Disaster

“Duff’s Ditch”: The Red River Floodway of Winnipeg

Following catastrophic flooding of the Red River in 1950 in Winnipeg, citizens demanded a more permanent solution to flooding control in the city. The result was the Red River Floodway, a feat of engineering affectionately referred to as “Duff’s Ditch”.