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Icaraí Beach, Caucaia, Brazil, 2016.

Coastal History is at home in the shallow waters (bays, coves, estuaries, firths, fjords, inlets), but it also speaks to interstitial watery realms (straits and portages; reticulated systems of lakes, rivers, or inland seas; archipelagoes or island clusters). With its focus on the local, the adjacent, and the domestic, it is grounded in the specificities of physical places, searching at the same time to relate these to the wider world. Coastal History is especially well-suited to investigating the range of subject matter that is sometimes overlooked as “not-quite-oceanic,” yet “not-quite-terrestrial.” Its ambition is to embrace the entire array of human or more-than-human elements imbricated in these hybrid spaces.

In recent years, historians have proposed a host of new conceptual frameworks in this area, from Michael Pearson’s “littoral societies,” Isaac Land’s “coastal history,” Alison Bashford’s “terraqueous history,” and John Gillis’ discussion of the ecotone in The Human Shore. But there is still a fresh open debate about what Coastal History might include. Anthropocene coasts, in particular, present interpretive challenges as heavily engineered environments where human and natural agencies exist in a state of dynamic tension. Whether or not coasts can ever be managed, or sea level rise mitigated, it is impossible to study shorelines today without confronting fundamental questions of value, meaning, responsibility, praxis, and social justice in a time of global crisis.

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Isaac Land. Professor of History at Indiana State University, he originated the term coastal history in a 2007 review essay and has maintained The Coastal History Blog since 2013.


Joana Gaspar de Freitas. Coordinator of Project Sea, Sand, People. An Environmental History of Coastal Dunes, founded by a European Research Council Grant. Researcher of the Center of History, at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon.



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Environmental Dimensions of the RMS Leinster Sinking
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Disconnectivity in the Age of Globalization: Coastal Ecology, Telegraphy, and Empire in the Sunda Strait, 1863–1883
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Development or Dunes? The Long Struggle to Protect Perth’s Scarborough Beach Coastal Reserve
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Sea Where there Once was Land: Redcar, England
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The Remarkable Ray of Dublin’s Ringsend
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From Nature to Infrastructure: Vallisaari Island in the Helsinki Archipelago
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The Consequences of “Flying Sands” in the Cávado River Mouth (1700–1750)
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The Polluted Past of the Whaling Town Hachinohe
Holm, Fynn Arcadia, Spring 2020, no. 16
The 1096 Eichō Earthquake and Tsunami
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The Aura River Ice Jam in Turku, March 1903
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The Hub’s Archipelago: The Connected Histories of Boston and Its Harbor Islands
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Seed Oysters in Entangled Worlds: Ecological Disturbances, Knowledge Making, and Potentialities in Miyagi, Japan
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Facing Changes, Changing Targets: Sperm-Whale Hunting in Late Eighteenth-Century Brazil
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How a Catastrophic Flood of the Gürbe River Triggered the Rethinking of Local Flood Protection
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Defending the Shoreline: From Cannon to Beach Nourishment in Gulf Islands National Seashore
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Living on Coral Time: Debating Conservation in the Anthropocene
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Beauties and Beasts: Whales in Portugal, from Early-Modern Monsters to Today’s Flagship Species
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Dike 14, Cleveland, Ohio: Containing Pollution in the Age of Ecology
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Creating Safety, Courting Disaster on the Lower Shinano River, Japan
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Small-Scale Fisheries versus Whale-Watching Tourism: The Story of Puerto López
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Molluscan Explosion: The Dutch Shipworm Epidemic of the 1730s
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The 1969 Flood and Coastal Erosion on Cape Pitsunda
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A Muddy Transnational Park: The Wadden Sea
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