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The National Park De Hoge Veluwe with muflons

Why do so many different nations protect nature? This collection draws on the idea of the “Nature State,” a form of polity that acquires added legitimacy through the adoption of a conservationist agenda. The collection’s interest focuses on a variety of processes, institutions, and circumstances through which the state and its agencies acquired a dynamic role in nature conservation, particularly from a “bottom-up” perspective. The collection is one of the outcomes of an RCC workshop held in 2014 at the Gran Paradiso National Park in north-western Italy.

This collection is curated by Jonatan Palmblad (Rachel Carson Center).

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7 results
A Shaggy-Bear Story: An Environmental History from a Remote Region
Moon, David Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 4
Wildlife Conservation Causes Deforestation in Colonial Namibia
Kreike, Emmanuel Arcadia 2015, no. 15
Conservation and Forestry in the American Tropics: John Clayton Gifford in Puerto Rico
Tyrrell, Ian Arcadia 2015, no. 10
National Parks in Britain: The Social Democratic Paradox
Kelly, Matthew Arcadia 2015, no. 7
More Than a “Paper Park”: Tayrona, a Caribbean Paradise
Leal, Claudia Arcadia 2015, no. 6
Blurring Boundaries: Nahuel Huapi National Park
Wakild, Emily Arcadia 2015, no. 5
The Bears Are Back! The LIFE Ursus Translocation Project in Trentino
Hardenberg, Wilko Graf von Arcadia 2015, no. 4