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Demonstration against the planned construction of the nuclear power plant at Wyhl. (August 1974)

Human concern about the environment has a long history. From the first efforts to conserve natural resources, to the beginning protests against air pollution, or campaigns against nuclear testing, environmental activism has emerged at various times, for various reasons and in various forms. This Arcadia collection aims to highlight some of the most interesting histories about environmental activists, movements, and organizations. All contributors are asked to address the specific time and context in which the environmental activism emerged and to indicate a movement’s particularities as well as its transnational connections.

This collection is curated by Jonatan Palmblad (Rachel Carson Center).

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14 results
The Founding of the Danish Environmental Movement NOAH
Hougaard, Asger Arcadia, Summer 2019, no. 18
The Neste War 1970–1972: The First Victory of the Budding Finnish Environmental Movement
Kaihovirta, Matias, Lindberg, Hanna, Wickström, Mats Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 8
Mobilization against Genetically Modified Organisms in Portugal
Bento, Sofia, Oliveira Fernandes, Lúcia de, Paes e Silva, Lays Helena, Rainho Brás, Oriana Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 23
Half a Century of Public Participation to Stop Pollution in the Alviela River, from 1957 to Today
Bento, Sofia, Bezerra Meira, Teresa, Oliveira Fernandes, Lúcia de, Rainho Brás, Oriana Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 20
Marching Activists: Transnational Lessons for Danish Anti-Nuclear Protest
Buns, Melina Antonia Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 18
Bombs and Biodiversity: A Case Study of Military Environmentalism in Australia
Wilkie, Benjamin Arcadia, Autumn 2016, no. 15
Killing Cats in Garmisch
Uekötter, Frank Arcadia 2015, no. 12
How Birds Became Europeans: Bird Protection Activists Cooperating across Borders for Supranational Protection
Meyer, Jan-Henrik Arcadia 2013, no. 20
Warriors of the Rainbow: The Birth of an Environmental Mythology
Zelko, Frank Arcadia 2013, no. 16
Petra Kelly and the Transnational Roots of Green Politics
Milder, Stephen Arcadia 2013, no. 8
The New Watch on the Rhine: Anti-Nuclear Protest in Baden and Alsace
Milder, Stephen Arcadia 2013, no. 6
The Ecovillage of Sieben Linden
Andreas, Marcus Arcadia 2012, no. 15
Nature Unites: Peace and Conservation in the Former Death Zone – the European Green Belt
Weinbuch, Sonja Arcadia 2011, no. 5
Nuclear Power, No Thanks! The Aftermath of Chernobyl in Italy and the Nuclear Power Referendum of 1987
Hardenberg, Wilko Graf von Arcadia 2011, no. 3