Earth First! 11, no. 2

After this issue of Earth First!, the journal will be split into three publications: Earth First! Journal, New Earth First! Journal, and the Wild Earth Journal. John Davis, the current editor, explains the content and future plans for these journals.

Earth First! 11, no. 1

In this issue of Earth First! Karen Pickett gives an update on the “break-up” within the Earth First! movement and the journal. In addition, Captain Paul Watson recounts his experiences on the North Pacific fishing grounds; George Wuerthner discusses various biodiversity issues; and Jamie Sayen calls for preservation of the Appalachian wilderness.

Earth First! 10, no. 8

The journal’s staff have decided to tender their resignations by the end of the year. Thus, this issue of Earth First! is filled with discussions, rivalry, and answers to criticisms brought up at the RRR EF! Journal meeting (featured in the previous issue).

Earth First! 10, no. 7

Earth First! is changing. The journal was greatly criticized by fellow EF!ers, for its editorial policies, at the “Round River Rendezvous” EF! Journal meeting. Consequently the editorial “Ramblings” is from now on eliminated, the letters section is longer, and action articles have a more prominent spot in the publication.

Earth First! 10, no. 6

In this issue of Earth First! John Davis writes an open letter to the FBI, Mike Lewis discusses various responses to violence, Dale Turner gives an update on the Bush Administration’s attack on the Endangered Species Act, and Mary Davis sheds light on old-growth forests in the American East.

Earth First! 10, no. 5

In this issue of Earth First! Nancy Zierenberg explains how the EF! journal actually works. In addition, Paul Faulstich gives an update on fight to save rainforests in Hawaii, Leon Czolgosz discusses military land grabs in the US, and Elise Scott tells the story of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Earth First! 10, no. 4

This issue of Earth First! features the activities of the EF! movement throughout America. Dale S. Turner gives an update on this year’s Earth Day, Leslie Lyon discusses animal rights, and Captain Paul Watson vents his frustration regarding net-fishing in the North Pacific.

Earth First! 10, no. 3

In this issue of Earth First! Connie Firr tells the story of four EF!ers and their movement against log exports in 1988. Mitch Friedman explains how the Sierra Club supported the Hatfield/Adams Amendment; Lester Rhodes proves that radical direct action has historically been important in struggles of the oppressed; and Dolores LaChapelle discusses the Norwegian roots of deep ecology.

Earth First! 10, no. 2

In this issue of Earth First! Jasper Carlton analyzes forest destruction and woodland caribou. In addition, Tom Skeele gives an update from EF!’s latest national wolf recovery action; Keith J. Hammer discusses grizzly bears, politics, and death; and Dave Foreman and Howie Wolke discuss a chapter on the destruction of wilderness from Foreman’s book The Big Outside.

Earth First! 10, no. 1

In this issue of Earth First! the title of John Davis’ editorial “A View of the Vortex” has been changed to “Ramblings” due to criticisms towards viewing the EF! movement as a vortex. In addition, Peter Bralver introduces the concept of the trophic mountain, Cindy Hill Couture contributes a short story about how bears need vast areas to live, and Leslie Lyon discusses whether revolutions can begin with the young.