Earth First! Introductory primer "Only you...can prevent the destruction of all that's wild," n.d. [1997?]

This introductory guide to the Earth First! movement was produced by The Earth First! Journal as a service for Earth First! local groups. It includes the purpose and definition of Earth First!, their philosophy, gatherings, an EF! International section, and EF! projects. This edition focuses on extinction and prevention of wildlife destruction. It contains a guide to direct action by Edward Abbey and a guide for forming Earth First! groups.

Live Wild or Die! no. 8

Live Wild or Die! no. 8 shows the progressively radical vision of the magazine and the increasingly large chasm separating it from the mainstream of Earth First! It features musings about industrial society collapse, essays by John Zerzan and Ted Kaczynski, and reports on ELF actions and GMOs.