Forest Voice 8, no. 2

This issue of Forest Voice, a publication of the Native Forest Council, showcases the work of the NFC, of other activist groups, and of citizens to investigate legal action on forest plans. It focuses on Congress efforts to sneak unlimited “salvage” logging past the law and the people. Victor Rozek draws a connection between inflammatory rhetoric and violence. In his column, Howie Wolke reflects on the large-scale grassroots “uprising” as a strategy for conservation groups dealing with politicians.

Forest Voice 9, no. 2

This issue of Forest Voice, a publication of the Native Forest Council, provides an annual report, outlines its goals, and highlights its successes in advancing a Zero-Cut policy on public lands, even resulting in support from a majority of Sierra Club members. Bill Willers address timber industry influence on U.S. public schools. A feature article spotlights a referendum to limit clearcutting in Maine.

Forest Voice 1, no. 1

This issue of Forest Voice features photographs of deforested U.S. federal lands and argues that log exporting is both economically and environmentally foolish. It outlines appeals citizens can make to their government representatives to save national native forests.

Forest Voice 4, no. 1, 3rd ed.

This issue of Forest Voice offers a primer, “Your Forests: Slated for Slaughter.” It includes a summary of the National Forest Protection Acts, a package of draft legislation developed by the Native Forest Council, satellite images comparing deforestation in the U.S. to that in Brazil, and an instructional graphic titled, “Nature Pays, You Pay, Your Children Pay.”

Forest Voice Primer, "Diminishing America: Our Vanishing Forest Legacy,"(4th ed.), 1996

A 1996 primer by the Native Forest Council introduces the dire situation of America’s national forests, its origins, and explains why it continues. It introduces the National Forest Protection Acts draft legislation and suggests concrete ideas for what citizens and activists can do to stem deforestation.

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 21

This issue of Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter reports on protests against the deforestation of the Albion River watershed; composting the Potter Valley, updates on Headwaters Forest, wolves, hemp, “Economic Aspects of Ecoforestry,” and candidate’s positions for an upcoming election for Congress, State Assembly, and county supervisor. Charles Sullivan writes on “Giving Birth to the Warrior Spirit: The End of Environmentalism.”