Transgenic Wars

This film examines the global reach of transgenic agricultural technology through the use of genetically modified soy produced in Argentina and used as pig feed in Denmark, as well as the far-reaching health consequences in both countries.

"'Reordering and Counterordering': Forestry Preservation, Bush Clearing and the Sociophysical Mapping of Chepalungu, Kericho District, Kenya, 1930-1963"

Recent research on Africa has emphasised conservation and trypanosomiasis control as the major factors, which first motivated colonial officials and scientists to embark on forestry preservation and bush clearing policies. This paper contends that in Chepalungu, Kenya, forestry preservation and bush clearing were implemented with the objective to create a racially and tribally segregated landscape.

Earth First’s Fight to Save the Redwoods

In 1990, Earth First! and the International Workers of the World initiated Redwood Summer in northern California to fight for old-growth redwood trees slated for logging and for timber jobs.


ALARM no. 10

The production of this short May Day issue of the ALARM is taken on by the editorial collective of the Big River EF! group. It includes reports on the International Day of Action against Hydro-Quebec, Monsanto policy, the general labor strike in Spain, and several environmental poems.