No Land, No Food, No Life

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Miller, Amy. No Land, No Food, No Life. Montreal: Films de l’Oeil Inc, 2013. HD, 75 min.

In a bid to boost Mali’s agricultural production, government ministers ”make land available” for major investors and agri-foods tycoons. These investors insist large farming corporations give Mali financial security and boost wealth brought in by farming exports. With the global economic crisis of 2008, more and more companies are looking to industrial scale agriculture as a stable investment. Thousands of miles away, stockbrokers in America eagerly await the African supply to meet the investors’ demand. Small-scale farmers in Africa and Asia are being forced off their land by an unprecedented corporate land grab. If they hold their ground they are subjected to horrific threats and violence. Exploring the personal stories of those affected, this documentary gives a voice to threatened subsistence farmers throughout the developing world. If your livelihood was ripped away from you, how would you cope? (Adapted from Journeyman Pictures)

© 2013 Journeyman Pictures.Trailer used with permission.

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