Why Poverty? Land Rush

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Berkeley, Hugo, and Osvalde Lewwat. Why Poverty? Land Rush. Mali: Normal Life Pictures, 2012. HD, 58 min. https://youtu.be/O_pKnP-2mOQ.

Rich, land-hungry nations are leasing Africa’s best farmland. Is it a crisis, or simply economic development? Screened in more than 70 countries, this hour-long documentary tells the story of an industrial sugar plantation being built in rural Mali, West Africa. Digging into questions of economic development and land rights, the film follows characters who are trying to escape poverty without forsaking their traditional way of life. (Source: Normal Life Pictures)

The series Why Poverty? was initiated and produced by Steps International, a non-profit organization that combines documentaries, new media, old media and outreach to get millions of people talking about big issues.

© 2012 Steps International. Trailer used with permission.

This film is available at the Rachel Carson Center Library (RCC, 4th floor, Leopoldstrasse 11a, 80802 Munich) for on-site viewing only. For more information, please contact library@rcc.lmu.de.

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