Earth First! 10, no. 3

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Fist, Volume Ten

Davis, John, et al., eds., Earth First! 10, no. 3 (2 February 1990). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Earth First! Connie Firr tells the story of four EF!ers and their movement against log exports in 1988. Mitch Friedman explains how the Sierra Club supported the Hatfield/Adams Amendment; Lester Rhodes proves that radical direct action has historically been important in struggles of the oppressed; and Dolores LaChapelle discusses the Norwegian roots of deep ecology.  

Amidst the growing proliferation of terms such as ‘deep ecology’, ‘ecosophy’, and ’ecophilosophy’ and confusion about what they mean, there’s a danger of becoming so academic that these terms are no longer useful for the earth. 

— Dolores LaChapelle

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