Earth First! 8, no. 1

The Earth First! celebrates its 7th anniversary and Dave Foreman provides us with stories from the past. George Wuerthner proposes a new national park in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, and Chim Blea discusses why the political left has attacked the Deep Ecology/Earth First! movements.

Earth First! 8, no. 5

This issue of Earth First! focuses on wilderness recovery in New England. Also, Roger Sansterre calls attention to stopping ski area development in Quebec, Canada, Dan Dagget puts light on the endangered American jaguars, and Alan R. Drengson contributes an essay about paganism, nature, and deep ecology.

Earth First! 8, no. 8

In this issue of Earth First!, Greg King gives an update on the Kalmiopsis campaign against logging, Trudy Frisk argues that wilderness is threatened by free trade, and Jasper Carlton presents several reasons to validate EF!’s new campaign to end rattlesnake roundups.

Earth First! 8, no. 7

In this issue of Earth First!, Tom Skeele gives an update on the wolf campaign in British Columbia, Salmo Salar and Jonathan von Ranson shed light on salmon revival in the Connecticut river, Christoph Manes provides with an essay on critical mythology of civilization, and Roland Knapp argues how ecology can fulfill the functions of myths.

The Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Sardar Sarovar Dam is constructed in India to aid in the country’s industrialization, providing irrigation, electricity, and economic stimulus. After heavy controversy and international pressures to examine the costs of the project, the World Bank cuts financial assistance, exposing the social costs surrounding modernization and wide scale infrastructure projects.


Earth First! 7, no. 8

The Earth First! movement is expanding and Dave Foreman points out some growing pains as a result of EF!’s increased visibility. This issue also provides news about the protests against logging of Redwood forests, reports on the threatened Wilderness and wolves in the Northern Rockies, and a call for freeing the public lands.

Earth First! 7, no. 6

In this issue of Earth First!, Dave Foreman puts emphasis on the fact that EF! cannot encompass the entire environmental movement. The protests held by EF!ers against MAXXAM Redwood logging are featured, M. Robinson gives an update about the arrest of eight protesters against the Mountain Lion Hunt in California, and the “The Earth First! California Deserts National Park Wilderness Proposal” is presented.

Earth First! 7, no. 3

In this issue of Earth First!, David Cross brings positive news from the Sinkyone Wilderness, Mike Bader calls for attention to the oil well plans in the “America’s Serengeti,” George Wuerthner reports from the conference “Beyond Boundaries: Saving Whole Ecosystems,” and much more.

Earth First! 7, no. 5

In this issue of Earth First!, Mary Sojourner gives an update on the actions against extraction of uranium in Grand Canyon, W.J. Lines asks the question of whether Deep Ecology is deep enough, Professor Bill Devall reviews the third wave of environmentalists, and Ed Grumbine investigates what Coca-Cola is doing to the rainforests in Belize.