Earth First! 8, no. 7

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Fist, Volume Eight

Davis, John, et al., eds., Earth First! 8, no. 7 (1 August 1988). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Earth First!, Tom Skeele gives an update on the wolf campaign in British Columbia, Salmo Salar and Jonathan von Ranson shed light on salmon revival in the Connecticut river, Christoph Manes provides with an essay on critical mythology of civilization, and Roland Knapp argues how ecology can fulfill the functions of myths.

Ecology portrays ecosystems not just as numbers and graphs, but as fantastically complex interweavings of animals and plant species, inextricably interdependent, and inherently unpredictable. It is in the revelation of this splendid complexity that the mythological potential of ecology lies. 

— Roland Knapp 

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