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This virtual exhibition was edited by Katrin Kleemann in 2020 under a CC BY 4.0 International license. This refers only to the text and does not include image rights. The different chapters were created by students in the Rachel Carson Center’s Environmental Studies Certificate Program. A German-language version of Ecopolis München 2019 exhibition was on display at the whiteBOX in October 2019. The physical exhibition was in German and all texts (including direct quotes) have been translated into English by Brenda Black. The bilingual (German and English) exhibition catalog can be found here.

Images used in the exhibition carry individual licenses (please click on an image for information). The images below are featured on the exhibition landing page. Please click for details.

View of the start of the October 2019 exhibition at whiteBOX, a venue near Ostbahnhof in Munich.


Cover of the Ecopolis München catalog.


The eastern part of the reservoir (Ostbecken) at twilight.


Valais blacknose sheep graze on a rooftop in the Werksviertel.


Münchner Weißwurst, a Bavarian sausage.


An Airbus A320 airplane takes off from Munich Airport.


Half wild: although partially overgrown, the railway embankment is still clearly recognizable.


The StadtAcker as seen from above.


A detail of the introduction station at the Ecopolis München 2019 exhibition.


A bookshelf.


Isabelle Hermannstädter.

Children draw images based on this exhibition.



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