Ecopolis Catalog

Cover of the Ecopolis München catalog.

To accompany Ecopolis München 2019: Environmental Stories of Discovery we produced a catalog. Instead of documenting the exhibition, the catalog offers glimpses from behind the scenes. It both reveals what went into the exhibition, and asks questions about the future of Munich’s environments. The catalog features the six stations from the Ecopolis München 2019 exhibition, but additionally it also includes the six stations from the Ecopolis München 2017 exhibition. The catalog is bilingual (German and English). Download this catalogue here.

How to cite: Kuen, Laura, Gesa Lüdecke, and Christof Mauch, eds. Ecopolis München: Umwelt- und Entdeckungsgeschichten. Eine Ausstellung des Rachel Carson Centers for Environment and Society. Munich: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, 2019.