Ecotopia Earth First! Spring 1993

This Ecotopia Earth First! newsletter includes Judi Bari’s call for action in the endangered Headwaters Forest, the EF! blockade of MAXXAM redwoods logging in Redway, and helicopter logging in Albion. The issue of tree spiking is discussed, as well as Assata Shakur’s autobiography and the harmful effects of a landfill in an Indian reservoir. Demonstrators against logging operations “confess” their trespassing “sins.”

Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus Issue

This special Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus issue sets forth campaigns named after seasons: Redwood Summer, Corporate Fall, and Nuclear Winter. It focuses on the Corporate Fall protests and other cases that required EF! demonstrations on the problem of “logging to infinity.” Ecotopia announces its secession from the United States. The issue also includes letters to the editor, a quiz, and a call for donations.