Forest Voice 4, no. 1, 3rd ed.

This issue of Forest Voice offers a primer, “Your Forests: Slated for Slaughter.” It includes a summary of the National Forest Protection Acts, a package of draft legislation developed by the Native Forest Council, satellite images comparing deforestation in the U.S. to that in Brazil, and an instructional graphic titled, “Nature Pays, You Pay, Your Children Pay.”

Wild Rockies Review 6, no. 1

In this special “rant issue,” Rhubarb discusses the idea of industrial collapse, Phil Knight tells of a lone hiker killed by grizzlies, and Jeff Juel reports on planned drilling in the Hall Creek area of the Badger-Two Medicine, home to the grizzly bear, the grey wolf, bald eagle, and other endangered species.

Forest Voice Primer, "Diminishing America: Our Vanishing Forest Legacy,"(4th ed.), 1996

A 1996 primer by the Native Forest Council introduces the dire situation of America’s national forests, its origins, and explains why it continues. It introduces the National Forest Protection Acts draft legislation and suggests concrete ideas for what citizens and activists can do to stem deforestation.