Amazonia Eterna

This award-winning documentary sheds new and positive insight on the importance of indigenous knowledge for conservation and how indigenous commerce could save the mighty Amazon rainforest.

"Survival Strategies and the Environment: The Siwalik Forest Commons, 19th and 20th Centuries"

This paper documents features of the traditional systems of shamilat van or forest commons in the Siwalik forests of the Punjab and analyses their contribution to the agro-ecosystems of both local agriculturalists and pastoralists and the reciprocal system of rights, rules, and responsibilities devised by the users to ensure the survival of the forests.

"Moving Beyond the Nation State? Reflections on European Environmental History"

This historiographical essay outlines and discusses major trends within European environmental history by highlighting recent discussions and future possibilities regarding collaboration across national borders and contexts, and ultimately arguing for more transnational cooperation within the field of environmental history.

The Great Peshtigo Fire

On 8 October 1871 a brush fire took hold of northeastern Wisconsin that destroyed acres upon acres of woodland areas and settlements and took up to 1,500 lives.