Managing the Unknown: Essays on Environmental Ignorance

Managing the Unknown offers essays that show that deficient knowledge is a far more pervasive challenge in resource history than conventional readings suggest. Furthermore, environmental ignorance does not inevitably shrink with the march of scientific progress. This volume combines insights from different continents as well as the seas in between and thus sketches outlines of an emerging global resource history.

Wild Earth 9, no. 3

Wild Earth 9, no. 3 celebrates Aldo Leopold’s legacy. Also in this issue are reports on the Loomis Forest Wildlands, the Southern Rockies and the Grand Canyon ecoregion, and indigenous knowledge and conservation policy in Papua New Guinea.

Wild Earth 5, no. 4

In Wild Earth 5, no. 4 Reed F. Noss reflects on what endangered ecosystems should mean to The Wildlands Project, and preliminary results of a biodiversity analysis in the Greater North Cascades ecosystem and a biodiversity conservation plan for the Klamath/Siskiyou region are presented.