Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 26

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Earth First! Movement Writings

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 26, front page

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 26 (Winter 1997). Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library.

This issue of Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter features stories on Louisiana-Pacific Lands, corporate betrayal, and the natural alliance between forest workers and environmentalists.  

We are watching with some concern the explosion of vineyard plantings across the county as farmers seek to establish a second legal agricultural industry in the county alongside—perhaps eventually supplanting—the county’s declining timber industry. Planters and real estate dealers see the booming demand for California varietal wines as a prospective bonanza, so open land is bringing good prices and the dozers are hard at work shaping the hillsides in what is called “clean farming.”

—Unknown in Editorial

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