Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus Issue

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus Issue, first page.

Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus Issue. Fall 1981. Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia.

This special Ecotopia Earth First! Special Baby Treesus issue sets forth campaigns named after seasons: Redwood Summer, Corporate Fall, and Nuclear Winter. It focuses on the Corporate Fall protests and other cases that required EF! demonstrations on the problem of “logging to infinity.” Ecotopia announces its secession from the United States. The issue also includes letters to the editor, a quiz, and a call for donations.

On Jan. 15th, 1991, the day President Bush may get the war he’s looking for, Ecotopia EF! will secede from the U.S . At high noon, with the rallying cry of “No War For Oil, No Oil For War!” the borders of Ecotopia will close from Santa Cruz through Washington State, the clenched fist flag will be raised, and with a deafening silence the last internal combustion engine will be turned off for all eternity. Should the U.S. not end the war, get out of the Middle East, and immediately convert from oil power to solar, wind and methane power, a secret Ecotopian Psychological Warfare Unit consisting of undercover hippies will be dispatched to the U.S. to infiltrate schools, offices, factories and the White House. So Bush be warned! There will be no compromise in defense of Ecotopia!

—The editors

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