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The Books & Profiles collection contains full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and reviews of books on the human-environment relationship. The Rachel Carson Center partners with Berghahn Books to produce the environmental book series The Environment in History: International Perspectives and with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht on the German language Umwelt und Gesellschaft. The collection profiles books on the human-environment relationship from other academic publishers such as White Horse Press, University of Calgary Press, Open Humanities Press, and University of Pittsburgh Press. It also features dialogues between environmental authors and critics through the H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

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Entire of Itself? Towards an Environmental History of Islands
Prokić, Milica, and Pavla Šimková, eds.
Muddy Thinking in the Mississippi River Delta: A Call for Reclamation
Randolph, Ned
Paradise Blues: Travels Through American Environmental History
Mauch, Christof
Capturing Glaciers: A History of Repeat Photography and Global Warming
Inkpen, Dani
Land, Water, Air and Freedom: The Making of World Movements for Environmental Justice
Martínez-Alier, Joan
The Cactus Hunters: Desire and Extinction in the Illicit Succulent Trade
Margulies, Jared D.
Green Development of Greenwashing? Environmental Humanities of Finland
Pál, Viktor, Tuomas Räsänen, and Mikko Saikku (eds.)
Responding to the Anthropocene: Perspectives from Twelve Academic Disciplines
Münster, Ursula, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Sara Asu Schroer (eds.)
Exploraciones subterráneas: Siguiendo la (in)visibilidad geotérmica de los Andes chilenos
Fonck, Martín
The Toxic Ship: The Voyage of the Khian Sea and the Global Waste Trade
Müller, Simone M.
A Mist Connection: An Environmental History of the Laki Eruption of 1783 and Its Legacy
Kleemann, Katrin
Insolvent: How to Reorient Computing for Just Sustainability
Becker, Christoph
Mount Sacred: A Brief Global History of Holy Mountains since 1500
Mathieu, Jon
Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean
Gerhardt, Christina
The Return of Malthus: Environmentalism and Post-war Population–Resource Crises
Linnér, Björn-Ola