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The Sound & Vision collection showcases audiovisual content on the human-environment relationship, on topics ranging from waste and energy to indigenous rights and water conflicts. You can filter for subcategories such as environmental podcasts, “TED Talks” by environmental practitioners, and video portraits in which Rachel Carson Center fellows introduce their research. Of particular interest are the Environmental Film Profiles, which include more than 250 trailers or full stream content on issues including energy, waste, global warming, resource conflict, and sustainability. The Environmental Film Profiles have been made possible, in part, thanks to a collaboration between the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society and the German nonprofit ECOMOVE International, and is supplemented by selections from environmental film festivals, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Tales from Planet Earth.

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Interview with Marco Armiero, Roberta Biasillo, and Wilko Graf Von Hardenberg, authors of Mussolini's Nature: An Environmental History of Italian Fascism
Barbalat, Ari
“Greening Military? Past Emissions and Future Pathways”
Bernd, Sommer, and Frank Reichherzer
Interview with Thom van Dooren, author of The Wake of Crows: Living and Dying in Shared Worlds
Molloy, Mark
“Being Nature in the Digital Age: Digital Technology, Nature, and Self-Identity”
Martin, Melusine
“The Amazon before the Constitutional Court of Ecuador”
Köhn, Lena
“The Amazon as a Microcosm of the Anthropocene: Harald Sioli and the Ecological Globalization of the Tropical Rainforest”
Cândido de Silva, André Felipe
Interview with Alexa Weik von Mossner, author of Affective Ecologies: Empathy, Emotion, and Environmental Narrative
Roy, Arnab Dutta
“From Slavery Plantations to Mass Tourism: A Project for a Synthesis of the Environmental History of the Greater Caribbean”
Funes Monzote, Reinaldo
“The Club of Rome”
Maxton, Graeme
“Politics with Will Kymlicka”
Hirtenfelder, Claudia
Interview with Ryan Tucker Jones, author of Red Leviathan: The Secret History of Soviet Whaling
Monahan, Erika
“Shakespeare and the Ocean, with Steve Mentz”
Bogaev, Barbara
Interview with Simone M. Müller, author of The Toxic Ship
Hamilton, Brian
“An Environmental History of Munich”
Mauch, Christof
Interview with Christina Gerhardt, author of An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean
Hamilton, Brian