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The Sound & Vision collection showcases audiovisual content on the human-environment relationship, on topics ranging from waste and energy to indigenous rights and water conflicts. You can filter for subcategories such as environmental podcasts, “TED Talks” by environmental practitioners, and video portraits in which Rachel Carson Center fellows introduce their research. Of particular interest are the Environmental Film Profiles, which include more than 250 trailers or full stream content on issues including energy, waste, global warming, resource conflict, and sustainability. The Environmental Film Profiles have been made possible, in part, thanks to a collaboration between the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society and the German nonprofit ECOMOVE International, and is supplemented by selections from environmental film festivals, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Tales from Planet Earth.

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Interview with Nancy Fraser, author of Cannibal Capitalism: How Our System Is Devouring Democracy, Care, and the Planet and What We Can Do about It
Hamilton, Brian
“Monsanto’s Past and Our Future”
Elmore, Bart
Interview with J. R. McNeill and Peter Engelke, authors of The Great Acceleration: An Environmental History of the Anthropocene since 1945
McCartney, Brady
No Mud, No Lotuses
Figueres, Christiana, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson
Interview with Alice Crary and Lori Gruen, authors of Animal Crisis: A New Critical Theory
Tyson, Sarah
Interview with Nadia Y. Kim, author of Refusing Death: Immigrant Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice in LA
Hausmann, Stephen
Interview with Alison F. Richard, author of Sloth Lemur's Song: Madagascar from the Deep Past to the Uncertain Present
Limorenko, Galina
“How Computer and Board Games Mediate Climate Change”
Makai, Péter
Interview with Pavla Šimková, author of Urban Archipelago: An Environmental History of the Boston Harbor Islands
Naylor, Aliide
Interview with Heather Davis, author of Plastic Matter
Bobeck, Adam
Interview with John Cardina, author of Lives of Weeds: Opportunism, Resistance, Folly
Gamal-Eldin, Mohamed
African Clean Energy Access: Why Gas Cannot Be The Future Africa Chooses with Rachel Kyte
Figueres, Christiana, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson
EcoCast: “The Aesthetics of Asceticism: Thoreau, Religion, and Social Justice with Alda Bathrop-Lewis”
Deer, Jemma, and Brandon Galm
Interview with Jeff Sebo, author of Saving Animals, Saving Ourselves: Why Animals Matter for Pandemics, Climate Change, and Other Catastrophes
Clyde, Austin
Interview with John Dunn, author of COVID and the Importance of Political Understanding
Burton, Howard