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The Sound & Vision collection showcases audiovisual content on the human-environment relationship, on topics ranging from waste and energy to indigenous rights and water conflicts. You can filter for subcategories such as environmental podcasts, “TED Talks” by environmental practitioners, and video portraits in which Rachel Carson Center fellows introduce their research. Of particular interest are the Environmental Film Profiles, which include more than 250 trailers or full stream content on issues including energy, waste, global warming, resource conflict, and sustainability. The Environmental Film Profiles have been made possible, in part, thanks to a collaboration between the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society and the German nonprofit ECOMOVE International, and is supplemented by selections from environmental film festivals, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Tales from Planet Earth.

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Interview with Kate Rigby, author of Reclaiming Romanticism: Towards an Ecopoetics of Decolonisation
Houssami, Eyad
Interview with David Moon, Nicholas Breyfogle, and Alexandra Bekasova, authors of Place and Nature: Essays in Russian Environmental History
Lomb, Samantha
Interview with Nancy Langston, author of Climate Ghosts: Migratory Species in the Anthropocene
Danielson, Stentor
“Shrinking Sea Ice as a Prism of Climate Change Understanding”
Wormbs, Nina
“Pentagon Interest in Global Warming... when? Military Fascination with the Physical Environmental Sciences in the Early Cold War”
Doel, Ron
“Apex Predators: Encounters with Sharks since 1900”
Powell, Miles
Interview with Gregg Mitman, author of Empire of Rubber: Firestone's Scramble for Land and Power in Liberia
Hamilton, Brian
“How Tuna Shaped Oceanography”
Finley, Carmel
Being in the Air: An Intellectual and Aesthetic History of Climate
Horn, Eva
Interview with Rocio Gomez, author of Silver Veins, Dusty Lungs: Mining, Water, and Public Health in Zacatecas, 1835–1946
Newman, Rachel
Interview with David B Williams, author of A Human and Natural History of Puget Sound
Brown, Matthew
Interview with Ihnji Jon, author of Cities in the Anthropocene: New Ecology and Urban Politics
Danielson, Stentor
Interview with Gonzalo Lizarralde, author of Unnatural Disasters: Why Most Responses to Risk and Climate Change Fail But Some Succeed
Danielson, Stentor
Interview with Bruce Clarke, author of Gaian Systems: Lynn Margulis, Neocybernetics, and the End of the Anthropocene
Scholte, Tom
Interview with Stephen J. Pyne, author of The Pyrocene: How We Created an Age of Fire, and What Happens Next
Danielson, Stentor