Can You Hear Me Now?

Kelsey, Elin, Katrina Pyne, and Amorina Kingdon | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Sound & Vision

Kelsey, Elin, Katrina Pyne, and Amorina Kingdon. “Can You Hear Me Now?” Hakai Magazine, 25 May 2021. Mp3, 22:41.

At the edge of the ocean, all of our senses are engaged—the breeze on our skin, the scent of rotting seaweed, the sparkle of light on the waves. But dive in and things change. In shallow coastal waters, water is often murky, even opaque. And the deeper you dive, the darker it becomes. It’s probably no surprise then, that for ocean animals, hearing is paramount. And it’s not just so for singing humpback whales. Lobsters, octopuses, fishes, and more all use sound to communicate and navigate, to find each other, or to swim the other way.

When Elin Kelsey and the producers of The Sound Aquatic podcast first gathered in early 2020 to create a podcast about ocean sounds, they had no idea what an amazingly unique year 2020 would be for anyone listening in on the ocean.

In this episode, Elin takes a deep dive into the wonderful world of fish sounds and finds out what makes the anthropause—as some experts are calling it—the world’s most expensive experiment.

 (Source: Hakai Magazine)

In this episode of The Sound Aquatic, host Elin Kelsey is eavesdropping on marine motormouths during the world’s most expensive experiment.


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