The Landhaus Cohort 2023/24, Winter Research Forum Film

Wegner, Anja (dir.) | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Sound & Vision


Wegner, Anja, dir. The Landhaus Cohort 2023/24, Winter Research Forum Film. 2024. 15:00 min.

The Landhaus cohort 2023/24 took the Winter Research Forum as an opportunity to invite people unfamiliar with the Landhaus on a tour. The film not only features the house but walks the viewer through the beautiful landscape of Herrmannsdorf while introducing the research of the 2023/24 cohort.

Produced by Biting Barbara. Productions Directed by Anja Wegner. Sound Mixing by Nick Earhart, Anja Wegner.

Featured in Order of Appearance: Moremi Zeil Monika Szuba Silke Oldenburg Carolina Granado-Torres André Cândido da Silva Nick Earhart Anja Wegner with Snoopy and Hildegard Anwesha Borthakur Melusine Martin Abosede Babatunde  (Source: YouTube)

This documentary was directed by RCC Landhaus Fellow Anja Wegner.

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