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The Books & Profiles collection contains full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and reviews of books on the human-environment relationship. The Rachel Carson Center partners with Berghahn Books to produce the environmental book series The Environment in History: International Perspectives and with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht on the German language Umwelt und Gesellschaft. The collection profiles books on the human-environment relationship from other academic publishers such as White Horse Press, University of Calgary Press, Open Humanities Press, and University of Pittsburgh Press. It also features dialogues between environmental authors and critics through the H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

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Pathways: Exploring the Routes of a Movement Heritage
Svensson, Daniel, Katarina Saltzman, and Sverker Sörlin (eds.)
Una tormenta perfecta en la Amazonía
Killeen, Timothy J.
Uma tempestade perfeita na Amazônia
Killeen, Timothy J.
Co-Creativity and Engaged Scholarship: Transformative Methods in Social Sustainability Research
Franklin, Alex (ed.)
Environment, Power, and Justice: Southern African Histories
Wynn, Graeme, Jane Carruthers, and Nancy J. Jacobs
Cities in a Sunburnt Country: Water and the Making of Urban Australia
Cook, Margaret, Lionel Frost, Andrea Gaynor, et al.
The Life, Extinction, and Rebreeding of Quagga Zebras: Significance for Conservation
Heywood, Peter
The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology
Foster, John Bellamy
Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha
Jacobs, Robert A.
Woodland Imagery in Northern Art, c. 1500–1800
van Hogendorp Prosperetti, Leopoldine
“The ‘Truth about Ebola’: Insecure Epistemologies in Post-Outbreak Forest Guinea”
Roth, Emmanuelle
Yangzi Waters: Transforming the Water Regime of the Jianghan Plain in Late Imperial China
Gao, Yan
Mosquitopia: The Place of Pests in a Healthy World
Hall, Marcus, and Dan Tamïr (eds.)
Hydroelektrische Projektionen: Eine Emotionsgeschichte der Wasserkraft im Industriefilm
Zimmer, Fabian
Policy and Practice in Rural Tanzania: Grazing, Fishing and Farming at the Local-Global Interface
Allegretti, Antonio