Exploraciones subterráneas: Siguiendo la (in)visibilidad geotérmica de los Andes chilenos

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Fonck, Martín. Exploraciones subterráneas: Siguiendo la (in)visibilidad geotérmica de los Andes chilenos. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2023.

Geological phenomena have a strong visual presence in the landscape of the Chilean Andes: volcanoes, hot springs, earthquakes and geysers are all the result of active geology. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, engineers and geologists began to imagine transforming the heat of underground water reservoirs into electricity. However, its use as electrical energy on a national scale has remained an unfulfilled promise. Inspired by the anthropology of energy and infrastructure, Martín Fonck ethnographically investigates the promises of geothermal energy and its abandonment in the Chilean Andes. (Adapted and translated from transcript Verlag)

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