"'All That Country Will Be Taken Up by the Thrifty Settler': Migration, Environment, and the Cutover Lands of Minnesota, USA from the 1890s to the 1930s"

This case study of deforested land in northern Minnesota, transformed by the lumber industry during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, shows how differently institutions and individuals can think about climate and ecology when examining the connection between migration and climate.

Easter Island’s Collapse

The remote Easter Island was settled around 900 by Polynesians who built hundreds of giant stone statues and completely deforested the island before their society underwent a dramatic collapse. Although controversy exists regarding the exact cause of this collapse, the story of Easter Island has unsettling parallels with modern resource issues.


Earth First’s Fight to Save the Redwoods

In 1990, Earth First! and the International Workers of the World initiated Redwood Summer in northern California to fight for old-growth redwood trees slated for logging and for timber jobs.


The "Columbus Day Storm" of 1962

Typhoon Freda drifts into an extremely powerful storm formation zone in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and British Columbia, creating horrendous winds and ripping up the landscape.


The Great Peshtigo Fire

On 8 October 1871 a brush fire took hold of northeastern Wisconsin that destroyed acres upon acres of woodland areas and settlements and took up to 1,500 lives.