Forest Frontiers

The history of the tropical forests of Latin America and the Caribbean goes well beyond the much discussed deforestation that gathered such momentum starting in the 1960s and 70s. The extraction of timber and other resources, such as rubber, has altered the structure of some forests by depleting the species of precious woods and multiplying rubber trees. But despite efforts to nationalize these vast forested domains, their incorporation remains elusive.

"Postponed Leap in Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Impact of Energy Efficiency, Fuel Choices, and Industrial Structure on the Finnish Energy Economy, 1800–2005"

Finland first mad the switch from indigenous energy sources—fuel wood, wood refuse, and hydropower—to imported fossil fuels in the 1960s, during a hightened phase of industrialization. This article is an analysis of developments leading up to this change.

"Contestation over Resources: The Farmer-Miner Dispute in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1903–1939"

This study argues that when farmers raised concerns about miners’ activities, ‘precautionary stewardship’ of the environment designed to stop entrepreneurial practices harmful to the environment was not a concern. This was a struggle over the ownership of the means of production by two competing forms of capitalism—a characteristic intra-class as well as intra-racial conflict.