Earth First’s Fight to Save the Redwoods

In 1990, Earth First! and the International Workers of the World initiated Redwood Summer in northern California to fight for old-growth redwood trees slated for logging and for timber jobs.


The Philippine Mining Act of 1995

The Philippine Mining Act, a pro-mining piece of legislation providing heavy incentives to foreign companies, is signed into law on 3 March 1995. It stirs extensive court battles between the government and anti-mining indigenous people.


ALARM no. 3

In this first issue of the ALARM to be widely circulated, the editors explain their goals for the publication. Michael Vernon discusses environmental movements, property rights, and the Maine Conservation Rights Institute; Michaela de Liuda calls for attention to biodiversity and paganism; the editors present ALARM’s first “It’s All Bullshit” award; and EF!/Abenaki updates readers on their struggle to stop industrial fishing in the Abenaki River.

ALARM no. 4

This issue of the ALARM celebrates 500 years of indigenous resistance, for example with “Columbus sucks” actions. Anne Petermann discusses voting rights and voting’s potential for change; Judi Bari brings good news from the actions to save redwoods in northern California; Steve Taylor updates readers on the Shawnee forest in southern Illinois; and Abbey Edwards writes on Native American land ethics.