ALARM no. 3

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Earth First! Movement Writings

ALARM no. 3

The ALARM began in 1991 as a revolutionary ecological news quarterly published by Earth First! groups active in the northeastern United States, emphasizing news and direct actions significant to regional and indigneous groups. The local Earth First! group Biodiversity Liberation Front EF! was its original publisher; issue 3 was the first issue to be broadly circulated. The local group Big River EF! published issue 10, and Mass EF! published issue 11. The Eastern North American Native Forest Network took over its annual publication with issue 12.

Langelle, Orin, et al., eds., ALARM no. 3 (June 1992). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this first issue of the ALARM to be widely circulated, the editors explain their goals for the publication:

Welcome to the third issue of the ALARM. Issue #1 was no more than a local news update to EF!ers primarily in the Burlington, VT, area. Number 2 expanded outreach to many contacts in the northeast region concerning the Day of Outrage against the US Forest Service. Both of those issues were the rantings of Biodiversity Liberation Front EF! This Solstice issue adds on more ranters and ravers and has expanded reportage hopefully of interest to those who are concerned about the northeast region… .
We are publishing this journal for various reasons. One is to document activities in our region while presenting an Earth First! Vision for the northeast that hopefully can be used as an educational tool to empower people to take direct action.
Another important reason is that we feel we have to. Quite simply there is no other publication that is calling for a revolutionary change as necessitated by ecological reality in the northeast region. Although we are part of the international EF! Movement and support the publication of the EF! JOURNAL, some of us fell that the Montana based JOURNAL can not be counted on as a tool for this region. But, in no way, are we trying to compete or steal readers from the JOURNAL.
—Orin Langelle

Also in this issue, Michael Vernon discusses environmental movements, property rights, and the Maine Conservation Rights Institute; Michaela de Liuda calls for attention to biodiversity and paganism; the editors present ALARM’s first “It’s All Bullshit” award; and EF!/Abenaki updates readers on their struggle to stop industrial fishing in the Abenaki River.

EF! groups contributing to the production of this issue: Biodiversity Liberation Front (VT), Maine EF!, and Solon EF! (ME). Also contributing were individual EF!ers from Massachusetts and Vermont.

The original publication carries an anticopyright and antiprofit statement.

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