Forest Voice 8, no. 2

This issue of Forest Voice, a publication of the Native Forest Council, showcases the work of the NFC, of other activist groups, and of citizens to investigate legal action on forest plans. It focuses on Congress efforts to sneak unlimited “salvage” logging past the law and the people. Victor Rozek draws a connection between inflammatory rhetoric and violence. In his column, Howie Wolke reflects on the large-scale grassroots “uprising” as a strategy for conservation groups dealing with politicians.

Wild Rockies Review 6, no. 1

In this special “rant issue,” Rhubarb discusses the idea of industrial collapse, Phil Knight tells of a lone hiker killed by grizzlies, and Jeff Juel reports on planned drilling in the Hall Creek area of the Badger-Two Medicine, home to the grizzly bear, the grey wolf, bald eagle, and other endangered species.