Live Wild or Die! no. 2

In Live Wild or Die! no. 2 C. J. Hinke takes an extreme stand for saving trees; Dumpsterman, son of Waste King, describes the logic of dumpster diving; Vic Vac Sectomy and Tutti Toob Tyed argue for reproductive choice; and an unknown TV smasher offers tips on how to destroy televisions with steel pipes wrapped in duct tape.

Live Wild or Die! no. 1

In this first issue of Live Wild or Die! the editors ask, “why be modest in the face of impending doom? Live wild or die!” Toby discusses how biocentrism can lead to destruction of nature; Feral Faun explains why there is more to the Earth First! movement and why the name should be left behind; Sneaky Driller sheds light on tree spiking; and Sheriff Jim Weeds explains the deeper meaning of ecoterrorism.

Earth First! Journal 19, no. 2

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Lacey Phillabaum tells the story of when the Two Elk Lodge (Vail Ski Resort, Colorado) was burnt down for the sake of preserving ancient forests. Moreover, Pori Kwa Milele reports from the actions against illegal development in Nairobi’s Karura Forests, and Ben White discusses the Makah whale hunt.

Earth First! 27, no. 2

Earth First! 27, no. 2 features articles on nuclear resistance in Germany, Trinidad community’s fight against the Alcoa aluminum smelter, Molokai’i activists’ battle to “save the last Hawaiian island”, and the self-sustaining community Umoja Village Shantytown in Miami.