Live Wild or Die! no. 2

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Earth First! Movement Writings

Live Wild or Die! no. 2

Live Wild or Die!, the most radical of the publications to derive from—even reject—the Earth First! movement, was published in various locations along the west coast of the United States starting in February 1988.

Daniel, ed., Live Wild or Die! no. 2 (1989/1990). Profiled by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Live Wild or Die! C. J. Hinke takes an extreme stand for saving trees; Dumpsterman, son of Waste King, describes the logic of dumpster diving; Vic Vac Sectomy and Tutti Toob Tyed argue for reproductive choice; and an unknown TV smasher offers tips on how to destroy televisions with steel pipes wrapped in duct tape.

So here’s some TV bashing tips: First, try to minimize the physical danger to participants and lookers-on. Use steel pipes with duct tape wrapped around them for better gripping instead of sledgehammers […]. Second, have someone give a little speech to tell the reasons why you think TV’s ought to be smashed. […]. Third, watch out for police interference. […]. So go on out, and smash your televisions, smash your friends’ televisions, smash the televisions of your whole neighborhood! There’s nothing to lose but remote control. 

— Unknown TV smasher

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