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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, Climate of the Past, International Review of Environmental History, and Conservation & Society.
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“Entangled Stories of Life: Narrative Agencies and ‘Ethics of Worlding’ in the Quantum Realm”
Oppermann, Serpil
“Citizen Sensing with Soil, and the Intimate Alterity of Narrative Distance”
Hoogland, Renée
“Historicising Entanglements: Science, Technology and Socio-Ecological Change in the Postcolonial Anthropocene”
de Hoop, Evelien, Aarthi Sridhar, Claiton Marcio da Silva, and Erik van der Vleuten (eds.)
“Exploring the Diversity of Conceptualizations of Nature in East and South-East Asia”
Droz, Laÿna, Hsun-Mei Chen, Hung-Tao Chu, et al.
“Anthropocentrism as the Scapegoat of the Environmental Crisis: A Review”
Droz, Laÿna
“Pragas, patógenos e plantas na história dos sistemas agroecológicos” [Pest crops, pathogens, and plants in the history of agroecological systems]
Silva, André Felipe C.
“Uncanny Waters”
Rae, Caroline Emily
“‘Bringing Humanity Full Circle Back into the Sea’: Homo aquaticus, Evolution, and the Ocean”
Rozwadowski, Helen M.
“Erasing the Extinct: The Hunt for Caribbean Monk Seals and Museum Collection Practices”
Jørgensen, Dolly
“O desaparecimento do que está extinto: a caça às focas-monge-do-caribe e as práticas de acervos museológicos”
Jørgensen, Dolly
“Walking, Drawing, Designing: Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell’s Drawing Stick and Eighteenth-Century Landscape Gardens”
Dümpelmann, Sonja
“Hunters, Rangers, Cougars, and Jaguars: Juman and Nonhuman Territories at the Argentine-Brazilian Border, 1960s–1990s”
Freitas, Frederico
Dune(s): Fiction, History, and Science on the Oregon Coast”
Gaspar de Freitas, Joana
“The Less Selfish Gene: Forest Altruism, Neoliberalism, and the Tree of Life”
Nixon, Rob
“The Cistern-System of Early Modern Venice: Technology, Politics and Culture in a Hydraulic Society.”
Gentilcore, David