“Cities by the Sea: A Tale of Qingdao and Los Angeles”

Hou, Shen | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Zhanqiao Pier, Qingdao.

Hou, Shen. “Cities by the Sea: A Tale of Qingdao and Los Angeles.” Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review, no. 2 (December 2022). 

Qingdao was not an old-style port from which a famous admiral like Zheng would sail to Asian and African countries to demonstrate the power and benevolence of the great Chinese Empire. Nor was the new Qingdao a quaint seaside resort with antique ruins, supplying good air and romantic scenery. It grew up as both a port and a modern resort. From its beginning, it transformed into a “cosmopolis”—a planetary city interacting with the ocean and other places around the Earth. It was based on the conquest of nature, exuding great confidence in technology, but also promoting a modern appreciation of the natural world that embraces the wildness, grandeur, and tranquility of the nonhuman. Since the earliest days of German colonization, people have come to Qingdao from many countries to consume nature in terms of health, recreation, and even fashion, all the while exploiting and degrading the environment. (From the article)

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