Green City: Explorations and Visions of Urban Sustainability

About this issue

This volume explores the “green city” concept from a global and interdisciplinary perspective. Contributions examine the conflicts inherent in eco-modernization and investigate opportunities to respond meaningfully to urban environmental challenges.


Branding the Green City

Barthold analyzes the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to illustrate how city networks are powerful actors in the global dissemination of eco-modernization strategies aimed at decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation.

"Decentralized Production and Affective Economies: Theorizing the Ecological Implications of Localism"

Greear examines the contemporary trend toward de-industrialized and decentralized production and its implications for ecological sustainability. He suggests we can understand the potential positive ecological implications of such trends by reconceptualizing “incomplete information” in markets, which is often understood as a key way in which markets fail to solve or forestall environmental problems.