Die Hamburger Sturmflut von 1962: Risikobewusstsein und Katastrophenschutz aus zeit-, technik- und umweltgeschichtlicher Perspektive

Die Hamburger Sturmflut von 1962 is an in-depth historical study of the 1962 storm flood that devastated Hamburg and Germany. It compares the flood to others in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while reflecting on the sociocultural and technological contexts of the time.

Sustainable Development: An Appraisal from the Gulf Region

Sustainable Development. Cover.

Sillitoe, Paul, ed. Sustainable Development: An Appraisal from the Gulf Region. New York: Berghahn Books, 2014.   

"We Are as Gods": The Green Technical Fix

Trim’s article focuses on “countercultural environmentalists” and an alternative development program in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The project’s history raises questions about the consequences of treating environmental issues as technical problems to be solved with innovation and new technology. This approach both depoliticizes environmental issues and embeds them into new political structures.

Why Poverty? Solar Mamas

This film follows a diverse group of women from around the world as they attend the Barefoot College in India. The college teaches them solar engineering skills to allow them to contribute to their communities and improve their daily lives, but societal and familial pressure proves challenging.

Katiyabaaz [Powerless]

Powerless is a film about India’s energy poverty and the people’s desperate measures to create functioning infrastructure. Electricity “thieves” divert power to homes and small businesses and come head-to-head with electricity supply companies.