political ecology

"Moving Beyond the Nation State? Reflections on European Environmental History"

This historiographical essay outlines and discusses major trends within European environmental history by highlighting recent discussions and future possibilities regarding collaboration across national borders and contexts, and ultimately arguing for more transnational cooperation within the field of environmental history.

"Science and Land Use: The Kosciusko Primitive Area Dispute of 1958-65"

This article examines the conflicts behind the scenes, within the AAS, between the AAS and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority (SMA), and within the SMA. It argues that the scientists’ conflict with the SMA over plans for the summit area of Mount Kosciusko (now Kosciuszko) not only established ecology as a scientific basis for conservation thinking: It foreshadowed the current idea that management of a healthy country involves recognition of the links between aesthetic and scientific thinking.

US Endangered Species Act

“Urbanists and the Environment Between Technique and Politics: The Case of Italy from the Sixties to the Present”

This article examines a trend in town-planning studies known as “reformist” that developed in Italy and marked a deep change in land management concepts. Beginning in the Sixties, it sought to reform the economic growth to limit its negative social and environmental impact.

Cuba's Special Period