political ecology

The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour stresses the urgency of the issues plaguing our planet, and the current generation’s pivotal role in tackling them. It features several leaders and experts and is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Live Wild or Die! no. 8

Live Wild or Die! no. 8 shows the progressively radical vision of the magazine and the increasingly large chasm separating it from the mainstream of Earth First! It features musings about industrial society collapse, essays by John Zerzan and Ted Kaczynski, and reports on ELF actions and GMOs.

Oil & Water

This film follows two young men fighting to preserve the Ecuadorean Amazon. One is a member of the indigenous Cofan tribe, sent to the US for a Western education as a child; the other is an American college student.

Transgenic Wars

This film examines the global reach of transgenic agricultural technology through the use of genetically modified soy produced in Argentina and used as pig feed in Denmark, as well as the far-reaching health consequences in both countries.


This film examines the history and future of energy in America. It advocates for a transition to green energy through individual action.