political ecology

"Learning From 'Actually Existing' REDD+: A Synthesis of Ethnographic Findings"

Synthesizing ethnographic case studies from mainland Southeast Asia, the authors critically review the implementation of REDD+, a UN project to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. They argue that REDD+ maps onto local power structures and political economies in its implementation, rendering it blunt as a tool for change.

Garcia-Lopez, Gustavo A., and Camille Antinori, "Between Grassroots Collective Action and State Mandates: The Hybridity of Multi-Level Forest Associations in Mexico"

Gustavo A. Garcia-Lopez and Camille Antinori trace and analyze the historical processes driving formation and change of Mexican inter-community forestry associations over time, drawing on survey data and in-depth case studies from two Mexican states.


Vardy and Smith’s article for the Living Lexicon for the Environmental Humanities argues that “resilience signals the pernicious return of structural-functionalism precisely at the moment when much more nuanced, thoughtful, and critical attention should be given to the relationships and differences between and within human and nonhuman populations.”