"Community-based Conservation of Leatherback Turtles in Solomon Islands: Local Responses to Global Pressures"

The authors provide an overview of the scientific and traditional knowledge that the Zaira community, located in the Solomon Islands, uses to underpin their community-based management regime of Leatherback Sea Turtles. This highlights the important role local communities play in the conservation of iconic species.

Easter Island’s Collapse

The remote Easter Island was settled around 900 by Polynesians who built hundreds of giant stone statues and completely deforested the island before their society underwent a dramatic collapse. Although controversy exists regarding the exact cause of this collapse, the story of Easter Island has unsettling parallels with modern resource issues.


The Establishment of the Mafia Island Marine Park

The Mafia Island Marine Park (MIMP) off the southeast coast of Tanzania is officially established by a resolution of the Tanzanian National Assembly. Its attempt at conserving marine resources creates problems for locals who rely on marine ecosystems for income.