The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon, once one of the most abundant birds in the world, is pushed to extinction in 1914 by deforestation and the commercial consumption of its meat.


Conservation Plan for Madagascan Lemurs

International conservationists and researchers launch a three-year action plan to address the increasing endangerment of Madagascar’s endemic lemur population.


Near Extinction of the Great Plains Bison 1820–1900

Wild Earth 13, no. 1

Wild Earth 13, no. 1, features essays that present contrasting views on mountain biking in the wilderness, the Clovis culture and origins of ecological awareness, as well as the National Wilderness Preservation System and wilderness abuse.

Wild Earth 7, no. 4

Wild Earth 7, no. 4 features provocative essays on population extinction and the biodiversity crisis, how immigration threatens America’s natural environment, the costs of affluence and consumption, and a technological imperative.

Wild Earth 7, no. 3

Wild Earth 7, no. 3 features contributions by Bill McKibben on “Job and Wilderness;” Donald Worster on “The Wilderness of History;” Richard Harris on the rivers of Catalonia, Spain; and Andrew Kroll and Dwight Barry on the integration of conservation and community in Colorado.