"New Ecological Sympathies: Thinking about Contemporary Art in the Age of Extinction"

In looking back at Henri Bergson and Samuel Butler through contemporary art, Susan Ballard suggests that in the art gallery can provide an opportunity to locate ourselves in the place of others. She argues that sympathy read alongside machinic evolution can offer a new approach to the ecological disaster of species extinction.

Earth First! A Citizen’s Guide to the U.S. Forest Service: Managing for Extinction

This Earth First! tabloid describes negative impacts of the U.S. Forest Service on national forests. Topics include reform proposals for the USFS, the role of deep ecology, the destruction of eco-systems across the U.S., abuse of Native American cultural heritage, and a call for the protection of national forests.

Earth First! Introductory primer "Only you...can prevent the destruction of all that's wild," n.d. [1997?]

This introductory guide to the Earth First! movement was produced by The Earth First! Journal as a service for Earth First! local groups. It includes the purpose and definition of Earth First!, their philosophy, gatherings, an EF! International section, and EF! projects. This edition focuses on extinction and prevention of wildlife destruction. It contains a guide to direct action by Edward Abbey and a guide for forming Earth First! groups.

The Road

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy, The Road portrays a father and son struggling to survive in a post-apocalytic world turned savage.

The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon, once one of the most abundant birds in the world, is pushed to extinction in 1914 by deforestation and the commercial consumption of its meat.


Conservation Plan for Madagascan Lemurs

International conservationists and researchers launch a three-year action plan to address the increasing endangerment of Madagascar’s endemic lemur population.