For the special section “Living Lexicon for the Environmental Humanities,” Eben Kirksey reflects on the nature of hope and argues for the importance of grounding it in communities of actual living animals, plants, and microbes.

“Generating Infrastructural Invisibility: Insulation, Interconnection, and Avian Excrement in the Southern California Power Grid”

Examining a case of electric power transmission in California in the early twentieth century, Etienne Benson reveals how industrial infrastructures are embedded in complex environments animated by unexpected agencies often invisible to their users.

"Drilling through Conservation Policy: Oil Exploration in Murchison Falls Protected Area, Uganda"

Catrina A. MacKenzie, Rebecca K. Fuda, Sadie Jane Ryan, and Joel Hartter use interviews and focus group discussions to assess the interaction of oil exploration with the three primary conservation policies employed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority: protectionism, neoliberal capital accumulation, and community-based conservation.