Histories of Transitions

Histories of Transitions

In this chapter of the virtual exhibition “Energy Transitions,” historian Nuno Luís Madureira argues that the study of such transitions itself has gone through changes over the course of history.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Historian Nuno Luís Madureira recommends literature related to the virtual exhibition “Energy Transitions.”

Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Politics in Portugal: From Resistance to Incorporation

This article traces the development of environmentalism in Portugal, and particularly the role of environmental NGOs as producers of expert knowledge to be used in policy making. The Portuguese environmental movement has professionalized rather than formalizing as green political parties. Portuguese environmentalism has adapted and evolved under authoritarian regimes, neoliberalism, European integration, and the financial crisis.

The Road

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy, The Road portrays a father and son struggling to survive in a post-apocalytic world turned savage.

Katiyabaaz [Powerless]

Powerless is a film about India’s energy poverty and the people’s desperate measures to create functioning infrastructure. Electricity “thieves” divert power to homes and small businesses and come head-to-head with electricity supply companies.


This film examines the history and future of energy in America. It advocates for a transition to green energy through individual action.