Black Out

This film follows the obstacles which Guinea’s schoolchildren must overcome simply to find light at night to study by, in a country where only one fifth of the population has access to electricity.

"Limitations of Environmental Success Without Successful Environmental Policy"

From the late 1950s onward, Helsinki experienced air pollution from energy generation, industries, waste incineration, and traffic. After having been at its worst in the late 1960s the air quality in Helsinki eventually improved remarkably. This paper examines the reasons for this environmentally advantageous outcome, which was achieved in the absence of a particularly successful environmental policy.


This award-winning documentary explores ways the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is likely to happen around the world.

"Fossilized Memory: The German-Russian Energy Partnership and the Production of Energo-political Knowledge"

This essay discusses methodological difficulties of the established concept of social memory for the analysis of energo-political discourse. It examines the case study of the German-Russian energy cooperation on the natural gas market which began with the discovery of the Urengoi gas field in 1966.

Coal: A Human History

Barbara Freese takes us on a rich historical journey that begins hundreds of millions of years ago and spans the globe. Coal is a captivating narrative about an ordinary substance with an extraordinary impact on human civilization.