Women and Energy

About this issue

This volume of Perspectives offers a collection of largely untold stories that demonstrate women’s agency in energy transitions.


“Shaping the Energy Future”

Guy DeLeonardo of General Electric (GE) highlights the market, business, and technology in energy generation. Motivated by the 1.2 billion people who lack access to reliable electricity, DeLeonardo talks about how renewable resources enter the energy production market through technology, and what alternatives to our present modes of productions can achieve better energy use.

"Confessing Anthropocene"

Stefan Skrimshire considers the ethical question of how to communicate with future human societies in terms of long-term disposal of radioactive fuel. He proposes that the confessional form (as propagated by Saint Augustine and critiqued by Derrida) may become increasingly pertinent to activists, artists, and faith communities making sense of humanity’s ethical commitments in deep time.